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Silvia Koistinen


object + word

Flax Art Project Space, Belfast

 19th - 27th May 2022

the object is still, stable, solid

an amalgamation of materials

shaped + formed, formed + shaped

a word is but a gathering of symbols

formed as an unheard sound

that echoes in the reader

we do not speak the language of object, they hum at an inaudible pitch

words act as a bridge between the seen + thought, the felt + understood

what is this space of reverie, this set of relations, fluctuating between object + words

The aim of this exhibition is to explore the conversation between objects and words.

Participating artists: Charlie Beare, Chloe Austin, Daniel Anthony McCabe, Husk Bennett, Silvia Koistinen,  + invited guests


Curated by Silvia Koistinen and Daniel Anthony McCabe

DSCF1311_crop 2.jpg


Thurs 19th May 7-8pm  
writing of objects + words - workshop

Tues 24th May 7-8pm 
talking of objects + words - discussion

Sat 27th May 6-7pm 
reading of objects + words - reading



object + word - in writing

19th May, 7-8pm

A workshop exploring objects through words.
Facilitated by Silvia Koistinen.



object + word - in conversation

24th May, 7-8pm

A conversation about the role of objects and words in artists practices, and the relationship between the two.

Participating artists: Charlie Beare, Husk Bennett, and invited guest speaker - Theo Hynan Ratcliffe
The conversation was facilitated by Silvia Koistinen.



object + word - in reading

27th May, 6-7pm

An evening of readings - writings from the in-writing workshop, invited writer/performer - Tara McGinn, and public responses to the project.



object + word publication

The publication documents the project - from the objects in the exhibition to the words written in response to this collection of objects. 


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