Silvia Koistinen

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            In revealing the qualities hidden within the ubiquitous and mundane objects of the everyday Silvia Koistinen seeks to make one aware of their surroundings and of themselves as living-perceiving entities. Through physical installations of objects one witnesses the power of light in revealing hidden forms and movements. At first glance it may appear as if there is nothing to be perceived, but at a closer look subtle movements may be observed. These subtle movements invite one to slow down and in turn, this slowing down allows one to become aware of themselves in the act of observation. Moving away from the intellectualisation of art, Koistinen is interested in the embodied experience of art.

Silvia Koistinen was born in 1996, Finland. She grew up in Finland, Brazil, and Ireland, Co. Clare. She now lives and works in Dublin where she completed her BFA Media at the National College of Art and Design, 2020. She participated in the following group exhibitions; This Location at The Annex (2020), Liminal Wake at Segrave House (2018), and Media at Eblana House (2018).